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High Culture in the Lower Midwest - Not only impossible, but fatal — LiveJournal

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March 3rd, 2017

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12:15 am - High Culture in the Lower Midwest
Alas, I cannot spend this weekend seeing August: Osage County at the Kum & Go Theater in Des Moines.

Because it's in Des Moines.

But I can see Antigone or The Importance of Being Earnest right here in Ames, and will see them both if the weather improves and I don't die of grading Children's Literature midterms.

(This post only exists in order for me to type "the Kum & Go Theater in Des Moines.")

I am, however, considering renting a car and driving up to Minneapolis for a very brief vacation over spring break. King Lear is playing at the Guthrie, as well as a contemporary play or two that I've never heard of but should probably investigate more thoroughly. (I'm not driving all that way just for a play - but I do think I need to get out of Ames for a day or two.) I don't know if it's an awful idea for me to be driving after not having driven for so long, and ideally I wouldn't start with a 3.5-hour one-way trip, but... it IS a very direct trip on the interstate.

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